The difference between Welding wire and welding rod


The difference between Welding wire and welding rod

The welding rod is composed of a coating and a welding core. The welding core is a solid metal rod, which ACTS as an electrode during welding and conducts welding current to generate an arc between it and the welding parts, and provides the filler metal itself. The coating is protected in the welding process, metallurgical treatment, improve the welding process performance. The electrode is mainly used for manual arc welding. The wire is mainly used for MIG/MAG, TIG and other welding methods. (that is, it is the main welding material for submerged arc welding/gas shielded welding, electroslag welding, gas welding, etc.). The welding wire is divided into flux-cored wire and solid wire, whose function is mainly to fill the metal or to conduct the welding current at the same time. In addition, sometimes through the wire to the weld transition alloy elements, for the self-protection flux cored wire, in the welding process also plays a role in the protection, deoxidation and denitrification. Welding wire is conducive to the realization of automatic welding, improve the production automation. Welding specifications. Manual arc welding is mainly dependent on the level of the welder.

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