Use of Welding Auxiliary Equipment


Use of Welding Auxiliary Equipment,welding-wire

Many welding parts often need to change their positions repeatedly during assembly and welding. Although the crane equipment in the workshop can be used, it is not flexible. Therefore, auxiliary equipment must be used.

(1) Turning frame [or turning machine]. It can make the welding parts turn around the horizontal axis, and can be used for welding beams, columns, frames, elliptical containers, etc. In order to meet the needs of different weldments, the overturning frame has head and tail frame type, frame type, ring type and lever type. The principles of its use are as follows:

Head and tail frame flip machine. The head rack usually rotates at a single speed, while the tailstock is driven. Used for automatic girth welding.

(2) Ring flipper. This kind of turning machine is usually used for special purpose. For example, it can be used to weld elliptical container, switch plate frame and beam-column, etc.

(3) Frame type turnover frame. If the welding piece is huge, the overturning frame can be installed in the pit, and hydraulic lifting is used. Flipping is usually done at a single speed.

(4) Top rod type overturning frame. It can be reversed in four directions. When it works, the hinge pin on either side can be released. The hydraulic cylinder can make the top table turn around the unopened side hinge. The hydraulic cylinder is installed in the pit, and the telescopic sleeve hydraulic cylinder is better. Workbenches are generally 100 to 800 mm above the ground.

(2) The use of the roller frame. Roller rack is driven by friction force between welding parts and active rollers to rotate cylindrical weldments. The load ranges from tens of kilograms to over one thousand tons. It has two transmission modes, manual and motor. When the weight of weldment is large and the rotation is frequent, the mobile transmission mode should be adopted. Especially when the automatic welding ring seam is welded, the mobile transmission mode must be adopted to achieve the required welding speed when the automatic explosion welding is carried out. The operating principles of this kind of roller frame are as follows:

(1) Integral roller frame. Its structure is to roll more than two pairs of ground, singing on a rigid frame as a whole. Most of them are matched with automatic welding device to save temporary installation and adjustment time.

(2) Combination roller frame. The structure is composed of an active roller pair and a follower. Each roller pair is composed of two rollers fixed in a rectangular small silver. The logarithm of the rollers can be combined arbitrarily according to the length of the product, and can be removed after welding without occupying the production area. Moreover, when cylindrical workpieces are equipped with various parts or holes, the position of rollers can be adjusted without assembly and welding of anti-welding parts.welding-wire

(3) Oscillating roller frame. It can be used to assemble and weld cylindrical joints of various diameters, because it can flexibly adjust the center distance of two wheels.

(3) The use of lifts. Elevator is used to elevate welders and equipment to the required height. It is suitable for manual welding and semi-automatic welding of high and large weldments. The operating principles of the two lifts are as follows:

Elbow-arm elevator. The whole device is light in structure, flexible in movement and convenient in use. Shake the manual oil pump, the platform rises, and the welder can adjust the leveling height with the pedal oil pump on the platform. The support foot can adjust the expansion amount according to the need. The lifting platform can be fixed by tightening the support foot. If necessary, the weight can be added to prevent the lifting platform from dumping.welding-wire

(2) Casing elbow-arm welder elevator. Principles and rules of use are the same as elbow-arm welder elevator. The frame is composed of three retractable sleeves and cylinders, and its lifting height can be increased by pulley group and wire rope. The maximum lifting height can be up to 8 meters.


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