Welding machine working principle


Welding machine working principle

Common Welding machine work principle and transformer similar, is a step-down transformer. At both ends of the secondary coil are the welded workpiece and electrode, which ignite the arc and generate a heat source in the high temperature of the arc to weld the workpiece gap and electrode.

Welding transformer has its own characteristics, is a sharp drop in voltage characteristics. Voltage drops after electrode ignition; When the electrode is adhesive short circuit, the voltage is also sharply reduced. The reason of this phenomenon is the iron core characteristic of welding transformer.

The adjustment of the working voltage of the Welding machine, in addition to a 220/380 voltage conversion, the secondary coil also has tap conversion voltage, at the same time there are iron core to adjust, adjustable iron core into how much, on the shunt magnetic circuit, the more into, the lower the welding voltage.

The current and voltage are reduced by the three-phase main transformer, rectifier is carried out by the SCR element, and the output current is controlled by changing the SCR trigger Angle phase. The current signal is taken from the shunt at the dc output end of the rectifier and used as the current negative feedback signal. With the increase of the dc output current, the negative feedback will also increase, the silicon controlled conduction Angle will decrease, and the output current voltage will decrease, so as to obtain the descending external characteristics. Thrust circuit is when the output terminal voltage is lower than 15V, so that the output current increases, especially in the case of short circuit, the formation of the external characteristics of the external drag, so that the welding rod is not easy to stick. Arcing circuit is each time arcing, a short time to increase the given voltage, so that the arcing current is larger, easy to arcing.

From the above description, it can be known that the circuit is in a short circuit state when the arc welding occurs, the voltage drops sharply and the current needs to be very large. After arcing to stabilize the arc, this time electrode and tank solution or short circuit transition state, voltage or drop, current is still large; After the completion of the transition in the normal state of welding, voltage rise, current decline.

Arc starting current is the maximum current that can be output when the welding machine is working.

Thrust current is the welding machine welding molten iron in short circuit transition, welding machine another superimposed a current, so that the molten iron stable transition, not easy to stick.

Welding current is the working current provided by the welding machine during normal welding. (can be adjusted on the control panel).


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